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Most people i talk to, feel it is difficult to relax . Some of the following advice has been very helpful for my clients: 

Create Peace 
Tips to feel relaxed by Vibeke Santos Therapeutic MassageFind somewhere quiet, where you are likely to be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. This is possible, even if you have a busy household. You might have to choose early mornings or late nights to be certain, but it is worth it. 

Get comfortable
Tips to feel relaxed by Vibeke Santos Therapeutic MassageSounds obvious, but it can take some adjusting.  Don't be modest with the use of pillows think "princess on the pea" and get yourself comfortable. 

Close your Eyes
Even better wear an eye mask. 

Find something you like listening to, music, a guided meditation, birds singing in the garden, your own breathing or just the sound of silence. It does not matter, as long as it can focus your mind on something you enjoy. For at least 10 minutes every day, you will stop worrying about all the things you are not getting done, and you will just listen and feel relaxed. 

Let go
This is the hardest thing for many of the client's I treat. Holding on to tension however, is not good for us, and often the physical holding on, is a hint towards something in our lives we are holding on to (pain in the neck or backside.... carry the world on your shoulder....sounds familar??) Just let go! Even if it is just for those 10 minutes every day, it is good practice. Try noticing your body weight on the surface you are resting on. Notice any tension you feel, and adjust the support to allow the tension to ease. By paying a bit of attention to the area of tension, it is sometimes easier to let go.   

Tips on how to relax from Vibeke Santos Therapeutic Massage
Call 07932672550 to book a relaxing treatment. You can practise these techniques with Vibeke, and receive a lovely body massage to help you let go of those tense areas and feel relaxed. 

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