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Weekly Wellbeing Words
Weekly Wellbeing Words 
Weekly Wellbeing Words


Weekly Wellbeing Words
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Weekly Wellbeing Words

This Week's tip : Walk every day

If you are able to walk, it is a great way to bring a bit of activity into your life.  Walking can help improve your wellbeing in many ways: 

  • It is weight bearing activity, so therefore it increases bone density and helps keep your muscles strong;
  • Brisk walking will improve your fitness;
  • If you are outside you can top up your vitamin D production by exposing your arms and face to the sun. Not for too long though 10 minutes is enough, any more than that you will need UV-protection not to damage your skin; 

Weekly Wellbeing Words 

The first of many Weekly Wellbeing Words

Drink water!

I start with this advice because it is so important, and one of the most simple ways to improve your health. I was reminded of this just the other day. I was trying to read, but I kept dosing off to sleep. I drank a glass of water, and, as if by magic, I was fully awake and able to carry on reading.

Feeling tired can be a sign of dehydration, which is why drinking water is often helpful if you feel a bit sleepy.

I you feel thirsty, you are already mildly dehydrated.

Weekly Wellbeing Words

Welcome to my blog 

I have decided to re-start my Weekly Wellbeing Words but this time as a blog.

I will post tips on how to improve the wellbeing of your body as well as your mind. 

No need to make drastic changes to the way you live, just simple, practical suggestions, and although the advice is based on evidence, it is not going to be academic journals. 

I aim to show how scientific findings, old and new, can help you improve your wellbeing with just minor adjustments. 

By providing the Weekly Wellbeing Words in a blog it will be possible for you to comment on the posts.
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